Media and Revolutionary Movements in the Arab Countries

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Media and Revolutionary Movements in the Arab Countries

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Revolutionary movements which began in Tunis in 2010 immediately impressed all Arab countries. These movements have led to many essential changes in the Middle East. So far, four presidents have been ousted from power. Revolutionary forces in the Arab world to achieve their goals used media. So the media played a large role in the revolutionary changes in the Arab countries. Given the media's role in revolutionary movements in the Arab countries, in some of the reviews these revolutions have called as media revolutions. Based on these reviews the media are the main cause of revolutions in the Arab countries. But the main question is: What is the media's role in the revolutions in the Arab countries? Were they really the cause of these revolutions?
The study of developments in the Arab countries shows that the media had an important role in the revolutions, but they were not the cause of revolutions. The media helped to spread revolution in the Arab countries and contributed to create the faster victory for revolutionary forces, but they did not cause of revolutions. In this paper effective factors in the revolutionary movements in the Arab countries is explained and the role of media is described. Paper concludes social and political factors created the revolutionary movements in the Arab world, and the media have had an auxiliary role and have acted just as catalyzer.

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