The Causes of Expansion of Iran- Syria Strategic Relations (2000-2011)

Document Type : Research Paper


university of guilan


Strategic alliance between Iran and Syria is a viable alliance in the Middle East which is rooted in the shared threats and purposes of these actors. However, this special relationship strengthened after Bashar Assad ascended the power in 2000. It must be noted that while Iran- syria relationship was an equal partnership under Hafez Assad, it has turned to a patron- client one in which Iran has been the patron under Bashar Assad. The present paper explores the reasons behind this transformation. Accordingly the main question of the paper is as follows: why Iran- syria relationship has been strenghened under Bashar Assad? The findings of the paper demonstrate that the strengthening of relationship is explained by structural changes in international system as well as the different characters of policy makers in Syria (Hafez and Bashar). The research methodology is analytical descriptive approach.