A New Security Order for the Persian Gulf: Building a Peaceful Islamic Region

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A New Security Order for the Persian Gulf: Building a Peaceful Islamic Region

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In a world, where globalization and industrial and technological progress are the most frequently heard voices, the Persian Gulf yet remains as an outstanding region for the most precious strategic reserves of the world. The Persian Gulf  harbors as the biggest reserves of the world are a major center for the production of oil and natural gas of the world. Such an importance has turned the Persian Gulf region into a hotbed for international tension and the presence of big powers particularly the United States in the region has endangered the security of the Persian Gulf region. 
In the Middle East, the decade of globalization was marked by endless wars and continuing insecurity. Although, the increase in the flow of information and communication has served Muslim mobility but due to its ambiguity, globalization has created a contradictory and tension filled situation in the region.
Unfortunately, the Persian Gulf region at domestic level is the source of clashes among governments, sectarian rivalries, Islamic fundamentalism, and internal instability. On the global scale, Globalization was ushered into the region by war which gave the Western powers an excessive power over the region. The intervention of foreign powers has fueled tensions in the region to a great extent.
Hence, the process of globalization has proved highly turbulent and has generated new conflicts. Thus, a new plan is needed for the Persian Gulf region to weather the ongoing crisis and ensure its regional security in the future. The present paper, while reviewing the presence of the US in the region and the plans raised by this country, intends to design a new order for the Persian Gulf region so as to ensure its security.

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